Restaurant Sahib ★★★★

225 HYMUS BLVD, Pointe-Claire QC

(514) 426-1121

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Restaurant Sahib

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Restaurant Sahib

With a menu as diverse as the clientele it serves, Sahib’s attention to quality is paramount and evident in its lean and fat-free tandoori dishes, gluten-free choices and enough selection for a vegetarian paradise. The freshly prepared buffet lunch is unmatched in the West Island and features favourites like butter chicken, succulent lamb curry and chicken tikka. Five professional Indian chefs offer authentic Indian fare at all levels of spiciness. Try a bhojan vegetarian platter, tandoori grill feast, or a balti pot dish inspired by the Birmingham U.K. trend. Sahib’s samosa was voted “best samosa” by West Islanders!

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